Argo Tunnel - multiple ports, same hostname

So I’ve been playing around with Argo tunnels and I think they’re awesome. We have multiple servers, with multiple apps. We have a few different A records, but there are some servers that host the same app but on different ports (1 - agent, 2 - web gui). I’ve been playing around with these tunnels for some hours now.

I would like to go to https://localhost:443 and to go to https://localhost:2053.

Am I asking for the impossible?


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I haven’t try this before, but what if you specify the hostname: inside Ingress Rules?

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, it throws an error stating that you cannot specify a port in a hostname.

Then probably we’re out of options. We simply can’t specify ports at this point.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. I wanted to SSH to an existing hostname, but I ended up having to create an ‘ssh’ subdomain to do so.

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