Argo tunnel 'login' - All attempts to login return 404, impossible to create any tunnels

I downloaded cloudflared and have been trying to use cloudflared tunnel login

Every URL the login command spits out returns 404. I cannot login to grab my certs. I cannot create/use any of my tunnels.

Can anyone else try logging in from cloudflared client and see if they get 404’s?


Installing tunnels remotely using cloudflared service XXXXXX is buggy as well. When I add more than 1 public hostname, all hosts are unresolvable.

How am I supposed to use cloudflared? The docs do not have useful information for creating tunnels. Remote and local configuration are broken and dont work. Why mess with a working product and break it?

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I’m seeing this as well. Browsing to the url returned by “cloudflared tunnel login” always goes to 404. Impossible to create tunnels but existing tunnels work

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Same as that, broken yesterday and today. I don’t have pro support so a little stuffed raising to the tech team

I am having the same problem. Thought it was just me.

cloudflared tunnel login
A browser window should have opened at the following URL:
If the browser failed to open, please visit the URL above directly in your browser.
2023-08-08T15:52:51Z INF Waiting for login…
2023-08-08T15:53:44Z INF Waiting for login…

Just comes back with “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”

Same issue. Anyone find a workaround?

Same issue here.

I’m having the same issue

Hey guys :wave: just an update, I filled a page for this and hopefully we will see some updates from cf shortly.


Thank you @jnperamo the team is looking at this. Will update this thread as we hear more. Sorry for the issues.


An incident has been posted for this issue.


The team just updated this as resolved, let us know if you continue to have any issues.