Argo tunnel keeps adding DNS after being disabled

I´ve tried to use Argo Tunnel, but I changed my mind and disabled it.

However, for several times my DNS has an Argo Tunnel entry added automatically, what break my website with 1003 error.

I even changed from cloud provider to a new installation cause I could not remove cloudflared from the first one.

Now, with Argo Tunnel disabled inside Cloudflare and without Cloudflared added anywhere, my website keeps showing this 1003 error after this DNS entry from Argo Tunnel is added without any reason.

How can I stop Cloudflare from add this AAA entry from Argo Tunnel in my DNS?


I suspect that your cloudflared process may still be running? If that’s so, it may be the cause as to why the DNS entry is re-added (I am assuming you delete it and it shows back after a while).
You’ll need to stop that cloudflared process in that case.

A drastic way is invalidating the Origin Certificate /ssl-tls/origin on the dashboard.

Creating tunnels with a recent method cloudflared tunnel create <NAME> stops that behaviour. You then bind manually a CNAME record to your domain. It is a clearer approach.