Argo Tunnel integration with Azure AppService

I’m trying to use Argo Tunnel with a WbApp hosted on Azure AppService (PaaS). The config.yml required the IP address of the web server. Since this is a hosted service and an internal IP is not available (public IP available) I’m wondering what should be used here. Has anyone successfully used Argo Tunnel with Azure AppService based web app ???
The VM that runs my ArgoTunnel is running on is in its own VNET & resouregroup but in the same region

config.yml as below

hostname: # Your public facing domain name
url: http://localhost:80 # the internal web application IP and port (what should be used here??)
logfile: /var/log/Cloudflared.log

Any help is much appreciated

Never used it with Azure, but as URL you can use whatever IP you want.

The service needs to be hosted on the same machine, then localhost:port, but also the public IP should work since it’s the same machine.

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