Argo tunnel http without proxying SSL through cloudflare?

Deployed cloudflare tunnel to k8s, created some records, works fine. However, i’m still seeing CF SSL instead of my LE i have on ingress.

If i disable cloudflare proxying, i get DNS error “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”.

How i can use tunnel only for TCP, without SSL termination on cloudflare end?

I’m not clear if you want HTTPS, or if you don’t want HTTPS. You’re not going to see Let’s Encrypt if you’re not using HTTPS.

My bad, poor wording i guess.
I want to see https which is provided by my ingress (nginx). Certificate is already installed and works if i query my server directly.
Essentially, i want to use tunnel as a pure tcp proxy for ports 80, 443 and potentially some others while terminating SSL on my end (in case of http / https ports)

As a proxy, this is how it works:

If you want “Cloudflare” to show the same certificate that “Origin Server” does, you would need a Business or Enterprise plan in order to upload your own certificate to “Cloudflare”.

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