Argo tunnel for subdomain


My website is on a subdomain let’s say I tried setting up Argo and followed the steps but it appears to not be working. I have created a ticket and they told me “you may want to change your subdomain” which I think is a silly response as I can not change the subdomain that my website lives on. is an A record in Cloudflare as Cloudflare manages the DNS. When following the Argo install steps it did create a CNAME which is a string of letters and numbers, the target is then what looks like the argo tunnel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Delete the A record. You only need the Cname Argo creates.

Does the CNAME need to match the subdomain name? Right now it is just random letters and characters.

Hello @litzjon ,

The tunnel is reachable by the hostname that you defined with cloudflared tunnel route dns <tunnel_name> <hostname>. That command creates a DNS CNAME that maps that <hostname> to the <tunnel UUID>

Naturally you cannot have another DNS entry already defined for the specific <hostname> that you want to use for the tunnel, since otherwise Cloudflare wouldn’t know where to route requests to, the tunnel, or the other existing DNS entry.

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Thank you for the explanation! Can I remove my current A record from the Cloudflare DNS dashboard and then rename the CNAME or does the cname need to be recreated/edited through the server where the command was originally ran?

You can always create the CNAME records manually. E.g., this tutorial explains it as well:

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