Argo tunnel for application

Hi ,
I would like to know if their is a way to expose certain applications clients running on various ports so that they can be connected via argo tunnel.

  1. Apache Kafka
  2. MySQL
  3. Redis
    So basic Idea here is that when running a particular Project we can simply add our kafka:port to connect to kafka.
    EG : kafka.bootstrap.server:
    kafka.port: 9200
    So lets say if we are using Java client or any other configuration we can do that to connect to kafka.
    Now since Argo tunnel has to verify the login it will do via access rule, How can this be bypassed in project itself?
    Would really appreciate if someone can help us with this requirement.

Assume that you already configured Cloudflare Tunnel (a.k.a Argo Tunnel, the old name for this product) in your server, you may use Service Tokens to allow automated traffic by adding the access key inside the project.

Thanks for the quick reply I will check documentation for the same to generate these Service token.

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