Argo Tunnel error 503

Argo Tunnel service runs on Windows Server 2016…

However all of a sudden today we get the error:
503 Service Unavailable
The origin has been unregistered from Argo Tunnel

This service has been working for over 6 months on this webserver however now we have this issue in the middle of the day. I have tried stopping and restarting the service it appears to run just fine and this is the information I get from the logfile:

{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Build info: {GoOS:windows GoVersion:go1.11.5 GoArch:amd64}”,“time”:“2020-06-03T13:43:04-07:00”}
{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Version 2019.6.0”,“time”:“2020-06-03T13:43:04-07:00”}
{“addr”:{“IP”:“”,“Port”:58799,“Zone”:""},“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Starting metrics server”,“time”:“2020-06-03T13:43:04-07:00”}
{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“cloudflared does not support loading the system root certificate pool on Windows. Please use the --origin-ca-pool to specify it”,“time”:“2020-06-03T13:43:04-07:00”}
{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Proxying tunnel requests to https://localhost:8080”,“time”:“2020-06-03T13:43:04-07:00”}

I suspect is failing due to the recent issues with Argo Tunnel, Are you still having trouble?

@hank1 I don’t know if this will help but try disabling Argo Tunnel and see if that fixes the issue? Also, when I click on the link I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED