Argo Tunnel development / trial setup

I am new to Cloudflare,
I read all the documentation and tried to make sense out of it.
Created a new domain via Cloudfare registrar to test and setup a development access (Remote desktop) .
The web access to a server worked using the cloudfared.exe tunnel.
still cant make any sense on how to setup the argo tunnel for RDP access
Do I need to install Cloudfared.exe on each remote user who will be accessing the server via RDP ?

The documentation says that each time I enable & disable argo tunnel my credit card will be charged, ? can I do a trial setup without being charged ? I need to connect all the dots for the setup before I go for the production site setup. please guide


Regarding your question about RDP, just to make sure, the documentation you should be referencing is here:

It does make reference to installing cloudflared on client machines.

Regarding getting a trial, please open a support ticket either from your Cloudflare dashboard, or by emailing [email protected], and indicate this as a billing issue. Our billing team should be able to help out from there.


Cloudflare Community Support

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