Argo Tunnel connection issues

I have been trying to get my nextcloud server to work through cloudflare, and I have been able to get it to work without showing any error codes, but it will only show a blank page. Whenever I try and connect through my IPv4 address it shows me a timed out page. My terminal shows connection errors before rerouting it and has shown to reconnect itself or it stops connecting to my argo tunnel before I reset the my server and reconnect up to my argo tunnel but all it returns is a blank page.

Are you talking about the IPv4 address of the origin server?

Was it working before you started using Cloudflare Tunnel?

I am talking about the IPv4 address of my origin server but it did not work before I used cloudflare tunnel. It only appears to work on an internal ip address despite me setting up Port Forwarding as well.

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