Argo tunnel and nextcloud (20.x(


I just set up argo tunnel for a small instance of nextcloud docker image, running on raspberry pi. The tunnel works, but cloudflare alters the page and the login is not possible.
Inspecting the pages, I have, over argo tunnel:

<div id="login"></div>

and without argo:

<form data-v-2aee3095="" method="post" name="login" action="/login"><fieldset data-v-2aee3095="">

so, practically the login form disappears from code over tunnel. Not a line related to the POST form is there :open_mouth:

I suspect some cloudflare firewall, which is altering the webpages, because also over tunnel I have this added to the page:

<script src="" data-cf-settings="a9ef4a17bc734904b062a285-|49" defer=""></script>

So, what is really happening and how can I get nextcloud to work over argo tunnels?


Try disable Auto Minify in Cloudflare dashboard?

This doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Argo tunnel other than that you’re serving your site through it. The code being invoked rocket-loader.min.js is part of Rocket Loader. You can disable rocket loader globally or via a page rule.