Argo Trial

Argo sounds pretty good but is there a way to trial the feature as I don’t want unexpected results on my website?

Also, I have a cache everything page rule. Will I see a significant speed boost?

Suppose someone from Singapore accessed /banner.jpg

Now Cloudflare has 250+ pops, without argo you need minimum one request from all PoPs to expect someone from other location than Singapore will see HIT response immediately.

To break the common scenario: more pops = less hit ratio

Cloudflare argo is helpful to maintain all time decent latency around the world.

I don’t expect it to drastically reduce load time for already cached status before and after, but what I am saying is Argo allow to maintain good performance most of the time. It’s kind of geo replication of cache data or in other words cache fill kind of technology.

Highly recommended if you have traffic from multiple countries broken down in few percentage or if you have less traffic that is struggling to maintain HIT ratio.

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