Argo Tiered Cache

Is this simply what an “Origin Shield” is on other CDNs (dynamically selected)?

How often is the shield dynamically re-selected?

Is there a list of which CF datacenters are upper tiers?

Edit: Digging into the documentation, more questions.

“Cloudflare dynamically finds the single best upper-tier data center for each origin.” Wow. So you may have multiple shields?

“If you use Smart Tiered Cache and your origin uses an Anycast TCP-terminated network, Smart Tiered Cache cannot dynamically select the best upper tier. In this situation, you default to the Generic Global Tiered Cache Topology.” Does this apply to the free Argo Tiered Cache too? From the documentation, it looks like “Generic Global Tiered Cache Topology” is otherwise only available on Enterprise Plans…

Edit 2: Pages does not benefit from this, correct? (As a similar mechanism is already built into it by default.)

Major cities, of course. But only Cloudflare knows the detailed data.

If you have control of your servers, then just check the CF-RAY headers coming in, and see what colos are hitting your servers

Found an official CF response in another post: “Generic Topology contains 15-20 Tier 1 PoPs”. So 5-10% are upper tier.

Yeah, similar to the Fastly’s Origin Shield.

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