Argo Tiered Cache unrecognizable origin IP


I am using Argo Tiered Cache and there seems to be 2 unrecognizable IP address being shown in my origin IP at the cached origins information

The red represents my server IP address and I recognize this IP but the green and blue IP address I do not recognize and it is not my server IP address and it seems to be coming from Asia Pacific Network Information Centre and Verizon.

Can anyone explain and should I be worried?

I checked mine, and every single Origin IP is Cloudflare. Then again, I use Cloudflare Tunnel, so that might be completely normal.

Do you see the Green or Blue IP addresses in your server logs?

Like @sdayman said, if you have any intermediate reverse proxy in between Cloudflare and your origin server, that intermediate reverse proxy’s IP might show up as Argo Tiered origin IP.

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Which server logs exactly I should be checking to verify this?


Can you elaborate on what you meant by intermediate reverse proxy’s IP? And also the green and blue IP that were unrecognizable are not from Cloudflare network.

Also when filtering the days range. If i were to go to previous 7 days. There are 3 IPS that I do not recognize and all 3 of them are different IP coming from different network.

One of them is from RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE) from Amsterdam


If you ran something like Cloudflare Argo Tunnel it’s a reverse proxy installed on your origin so visitor → cloudflare → origin tunnel cloudflared proxy → origin web server.

Probably best to contact Cloudflare support to get clarification.

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