ARGO Tiered Cache now for free?

Hi, I just read a post mentioning “ARGO now being free” + I also see that I can just switch " Argo Tiered Cache" on without any warning about the costs. But I also see the public internet site mentioning it’s price (

So my question is: is it now free, or not?

This link is outdated. What you need to know is:

  1. Argo Tiered Caching is now free.
  2. Argo Smart Routing is still pay per use (except you are using Enterprise plan with custom contract)
  3. Cloudflare Tunnel (formerly known as Argo Tunnel) is also free.

The paid Argo Smart Routing is now also available to add on the Free Plan.

I believe Argo has always been available as a paid add-on for Free Plans. All plans, actually, as it’s not included in paid plans.

The Plans page still indicates it’s not available on the Free or Pro plans, and starts at $5 only on the Business plan, which is why the confusion.

Oh. This sounds like a job for @kody. Or at least one of Kody’s marketing buddies.


Definitely one of my marketing friends! I’ll file a ticket to get that fixed.


Just FYI, note that all three need fixing: Tiered Caching, Argo Smart Routing, and Cloudflare Tunnel.

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