Argo Tiered Cache Doesn't Seem to be Working

A big reason for me to purchase Argo was so that my site doesn’t have to individually “warm” the cache of each and every EDGE server around the globe. My server is in Chicago.

However, I tested it today and did the following:

  1. Set a “Cache Everything” rule for a particular page
  2. I “Warmed” the cache near Israel (cf-status: HIT response header) for that page
  3. I then accessed the page from the UK

Expected Result:
My site would not receive a request for that page since it should have been served from the Europe tiered cache POP

Actual Result:
My site got a request from that IP address

This indicates that the tiered cache is NOT working as expected. Is my analysis correct? Is there something I should know that I’m missing about how tiered cache works?

I haven’t seen Tiered Caching mapped out, but UK probably won’t look toward Israel for tiered caching.

I suspect Cloudflare has some sort of Super Tiers that a cluster of data centers looks to instead of hitting the source. And I bet that Super Tier has to be on the Argo path a UK user would take to get something from Chicago.

@sdayman So I wonder how to test this then? I accessed my site from a whole bunch of varied locations, both clustered and spread out.

And each time it hit my origin server. I checked my raw access logs and saw the hits from the IP addresses!

You would have to ask Support to look into this. They would be able to trace those routes.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

did you test the opposite? warm the cache from usa and access it again via Israel? or warm it in europe and access from Israel
(I used argo for few months and after disable it I don’t see any difference in cache ratio, although someone from cf confirm to me the tiered cache is working in my account)

@boynet2 No - I would have had to purge my caches again, and so forth. I can test it of course, and maybe I will.

But right now based on my existing tests, it doesn’t seem to me as if it’s working. It’s difficult to imagine that there is no “Super” POP in Europe that can serve the content and that Cloudflare instead has to drag the information all across the Atlantic!