Argo Smart Routing vs Automatic Platform Optimizations

I want to speed up our WordPress site, but am not sure what the difference is between Argo Smart Routing and Automatic Platform Optimizations. Which will speed up the loading time of our website? Is enabling both advisable?

Argo Smart Routing employs network-level optimizations to decrease latency between the user and Cloudflare as well as between Cloudflare and your origin. This decreases the overall loading times. You can read more about Argo Smart Routing here:

Automatic Platform Optimization employs specific caching logic that works well for WordPress websites. This decreases loading times after a page has been loaded for the first time. You can read more about Automatic Platform Optimization here:

The best loading times are achieved by using both Argo Smart Routing and Automatic Platform Optimization at the same time.

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Thanks very much, Albert!

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