Argo smart routing not working with WARP+

Recently I noticed that the Argo smart routing is not working as expected in the WARP+ connections. Previously when connecting to websites around the world, the egress IP will change to the IP in the destination country. However, currently for whatever website I visit, the egress IP will always be the same one in the local colocation centre.

This behaviour is exactly the same as the free WARP account. I am wondering what is the difference now between the free WARP account and the paid WARP+ account? Is there a configuration error in the local colocation centre I am connecting to?

I have created a support ticket: #206034. Can someone from Cloudflare take a look? Also is there anyone else experiencing the same issue?


I think this issue has been going since long time ago… This is not a new issue.

From my view, Cloudflare is prioritizing on their Teams & Gateway product, rather than for public customers ( app)

Then I think they should publicly acknowledge this issue in their known issues documentation, so people won’t be tricked to buy a product that is technically equivalent to the free WARP product. Otherwise we have a serious misleading issue here.

I really hope someone from Cloudflare will come to explain what is going on. I don’t mind waiting for them to fix things, but at least they should know currently the smart routing is not working properly, and the monthly subscription of WARP+ is meaningless.

It’s already a week and no one from Cloudflare has bothered to provide any updates. I am cancelling the warp+ plan today.

@kkrum Can you help us out? Currently we are paying for a free product.

Hi folks,

WARP+ does not guarantee that you get an IP that geolocates to the “egress” country when we’re smart routing connections - since the goal of WARP+ focused on privacy, not “changing” your location. In the past, there were some circumstances where this did happen. Longer term, we’d like to provide options to “approximately” use your real location (minimizing location leakage), but this would apply even if you are egressing via Argo Smart Routing in another country/location.

We’re aiming to make this clearer going forward, and intend to bring more capabilities to WARP+ (beyond just performance) as well.

Thanks for the reply. I am not expecting the IP to change every time I visit a site in another region, but currently the ip does not change at all. If the traffic is routed via Argo smart routing via another data center, we should be able to see IP changes sometimes.

If not, how can I know the WARP+ is working other than the warp=plus flag? What’s the difference with the free WARP product? There is really no difference in the user experience currently. I am wondering has Cloudflare turned off the Argo smart routing for WARP+?

Your egress IP (which can be moved around!) and egress location aren’t directly associated - it is possible to egress from another location (via Argo or otherwise) and still have a stable IP.

Keep in mind that Argo is smart - sometimes, a direct route can be better if an upstream peer or transit is congested or slow, which is why you might not always “see” it egressing via other edge locations.

WARP+ is prioritized on our network - one of our goals is to make it clearer how it works, and (as before) bring more features on top of the performance side of WARP+.

Thanks for the clarification. It is good to know that the traffic is still routed through Argo smart tunnel, even when the egress IP never changes. Maybe the local data centre isn’t congested most of time, as the speed test on WARP and WARP+ is exactly the same.

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