Argo smart routing is optimizing 0.0% requests to your origin

I have been using Argo for over two years. The past 7 weeks or so I have no longer been able to view the graph which displays the performance benefits of Argo and instead I have a message saying that 0% of traffic is being Argo routed.

After multiple support tickets back and forth where CF overlooked my question and screenshots and gave totally irrelevant replies, a full month later CF came back to me with an explanation.

“Our team got back saying since your origin is on a Bandwidth Alliance partner (Digital Ocean). Bandwidth Alliance (BWA) L7 routing takes priority over smart routing - and it’s free for you.”

I figured its better for me to ask the community because I am pulling my hair out dealing with support because they never seem to answer any of my questions and send generic answers and take weeks to get back to me (it took them 3-4 messages before they realised that their initial responses to me were irrelevant then and additional two weeks for their engineers to get back them the reason for why I am getting 0.0% of traffic routed).

My monthly Argo bill is around $170 per month. If for the past 2 months it is getting routed through BWA shouldn’t my Ago bill be lower then previously? My traffic is the same yet my bill is exactly the same.

Is there any additional benefit of using Argo if my Origin to CF traffic is being routed via BWA? The only Argo data I receive is what you can see above. CF does not provide me with any information with regards to performance benefits anymore.

Am I being overcharged by CF if my Argo bill is the same and now 0% of origin traffic is being argo routed (previously it was approximately 40%)

I have just canceled my Argo because I am not getting any proper support from CF so hoping the community can give me a good reason to turn it back on?


Interesting but makes sense if Bandwidth alliance is at play

I’d imagine there would still be some billing as Argo charges for both in/out bandwidth while Bandwidth Alliance only deals with the cost of the outgoing bandwidth end from your web host provider to Cloudflare edge servers. But for the Argo bill to be unchanged then either your incoming bandwidth increased to the point it’s as much as 2 months ago or possibly it’s bugged or the GUI dashboard threshold for display is preventing you to see the exact data?

I don’t see there would be any benefit of continuing to use Argo then. Strange it only started to happen 2 months ago?

As I don’t work for Cloudflare, probably best you post your ticket number here so Cloudflare staff can check and follow up on this.

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You can also query the Cloudflare Analytics API to get more detailed Argo analytics which maybe below the threshold of displaying on GUI dashboard. On my mobile now so don’t have the direct link handy right now.

edit: Argo Analytics API

Example from my Argo analytics broken down by CF datacenter in below screenshot. Left side Cloudflare Argo stats from dashboard console vs right side my own Argo Analytics API query script to get Argo metrics on a per datacenter basis. Cache everything + argo doesn't work - #5 by eva2000


Thanks for your useful info. I never thought about querying the API. Unfortunately the API tells me the same information :confused: (However I did turn off Argo 8 hours ago)


  "result": null,
  "success": true,
  "errors": null,
  "messages": [
      "code": 1234,
      "message": "Argo Smart Routing is optimizing 0.0% of requests to your origin. There have not been enough requests to your origin in the last 48 hours to display detailed performance data."

What is also strange is DigitalOcean is missing from the bandwidth alliance page Bandwidth Alliance | Reduce Data Transfer Fees | Cloudflare

This is super weird and definitely looks like a bug to me. Let me send this post internally to the Argo PM. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time getting through to the right people.

Uhh, this page seems super broken more generally. I’ve escalated to MRK.


Hey Ryan,
I’m the PM for Argo, sorry to hear that you’re having a bad experience with the product! Can you please reach out to me with some details, like what your zone ID is so we can get this looked at internally?