Argo Smart Routing did the job

First of all please apologise my bad english. Recently i am customising my new website for a moderate competition niche. Of course speed is one of major thing that i need to do.

After about a month tweaking, experimenting, and i found the solution yesterday.

For server thing i am using cloudways, than migrate to google cloud platform, then migrate to digital ocean, and finally on Linode which i found the best of server performance for cheapest price range.

Then, i tweaking my site with litespeed cache plugin. Of course i am disabling lscache and everything that possibly make a conflict with cf. For my local user. TTFB is just under 20ms, and very impressive. Score on pagespeed insights all 100. But what about people from different country?

So, this time iam starting to implement cdn. From google cdn, not 100% working and too technical for me as moderate beginner even their ping and pops is quite huge. Then, using bunny cdn which is okay as well. But they dont cache html.

Finally i made a decision to move to cf. Things looks okay but speed still didnt meet my expectation. So i subscribe to APO. And TTFB lower a lot. Still, in real time, my competitors is ahead of me. I am not opting for $20 plan yet as the site didnt not made any income yet.

So, finally after researching i opt in for Argo Smart Routing. And my site able to access to new Pop which is of course also near my targeted audience. And ttfb around the world mostly inder 100ms. For real live experience, its also good and i satisfied.

Now i can focus on content and seo. :slight_smile:


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