Argo Smart Routing DC customisation

Hi there,

We’d really appreciate it if we could choose which CF edge DC’s use Argo Smart Routing to get to our origins, so we can optimise our performance and costs.

For example, when we enable Argo Smart Routing our latencies actually increase in a bunch of locations, remain unchanged in others, and significantly decrease in some.

So it would be nice to be like, “ah yeah, this actually does something positive in Bahrain and Mumbai, let’s enable it there, but leave it off for every US DC since it doesn’t do much there”.

Hi Omar,

For ENT plans yes you can do it. :wink:
All ENT customers would working with their CSM and CSE team to use a good strategic DC to reach your origin server.


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lol, okay.

At the same time, it is a paid feature on top of the existing plan, so… maybe one day? :smiley: