Argo smart routing billing usage spike

While we have implemented caching to leverage the Cloudflare CDN effectively, we have noticed a concern related to our Argo billing usage. Despite our efforts to serve a significant portion of our website content from the Cloudflare cache, our Argo billing usage has not shown the expected reduction.

We have taken several steps to optimize our usage, including fine-tuning our caching strategy and closely monitoring our traffic patterns. Despite these efforts, we continue to incur higher-than-anticipated Argo billing costs.

We believe that the synergy between caching and Argo routing should result in reduced data transfer costs when content is served from the Cloudflare cache. However, it appears that our billing for Argo routing remains unaffected by the caching mechanism.

We are reaching out to seek your assistance in addressing this issue. We are committed to optimizing our Cloudflare usage and maximizing the value of the services you provide. If there are any adjustments or insights that can help us better align our billing costs with the benefits of Argo routing, we would greatly appreciate your guidance and support.