Argo Smart Routing Billing GBs Differently

Hey… we had estimated how much Argo Smart Routing would have cost us based on the GB data in the Dashboard.

Our 30-days Total Data Served listed is: 723 GB

But we were billed for 1,749.01634 GB, which is like 2.5x more.

How exactly is it calculated?

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Argo Explained

Argo analyzes and optimizes web traffic routing decisions to increase the loading speed of your domain.

Argo billing includes charges for cache hits and requests to and responses from the Cloudflare network.

  • Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred (both upload and download bandwidth) between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo.

  • Argo is also usage-based, so each invoice reflects the prior month’s usage. For example, your November invoice will include charges for Argo usage in October.

  • Enabling Argo in the Cloudflare dashboard initiates a USD $5.00 monthly charge. After transferring the first gigabyte of traffic between Cloudflare and your visitors, you are charged an additional USD $0.10 per gigabyte.

Below is estimated pricing based on the expected amount of traffic:

Expected Traffic    Expected Cost (Per Domain)
< 1GB                          $5
10 GB                          $5.90
100 GB                         $14.90
1 TB (1000 GB)                 $104.90

If you’d like us to review your specific case, you’ll need to open a ticket with Cloudflare’s Support Team.

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