Argo site without https - How?

I am trying to reach a site - published thru a tunnel - on http:// rather than https://

This is how I want to publish CTF challenge websites running on different ports on the same machine, doing the routing in config.yml. The publishing and routing works.

My main domain has a policy that redirects all to https, yet I still see http on the end-of-tunnel machine, maybe because the service redirect is set as http. Since traffic is encrypted in the Cloudflare Tunnel , this is fine. I can always switch to origin certifcate and https later.

Nw, how do I disable, for specific subdomains, any https rewrite on cloudflare ? I tried with a rule matching the hostname.
Disabled Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (optional)
Disabled Opportunistic Encryption
Set SSL (optional) to off

Yet I still get 301 redirects to https.

Any hints on how to avoid this ? I want to make it easy for the “students” to monitor traffic without Fiddler / Burp.

Make sure “Always use HTTPS” is also disabled. It can’t be disabled for subdomains, only the whole zone, so you’ll have to turn it off then set a rule for the apex and any subdomains to redirect to HTTPS for those you need it on.

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