Argo Setup on Nginx


I have deduced that Argo cannot work on Nginx server blocks with multiple domains so I am forced to create to machines for both domains.

Now as the Argo Tunnel documentation is not clear nor is it detailed I thought listing the questions specific to setup on NGINX would help myself and others.

Here are the questions

  1. If wanting to setup the root domain can we just use when running the cloudflared daemon ?

  2. As the Tunnel is not using a public IP what then is needed to be put in the A record for the root domain that we will be using Argo Tunnel ?

  3. In the NGINX config do we change the config to the Argo tunnel port such as 8000 or 8080 ?

  4. Does the NGINX config need both http and https configurations ?

  5. What does the configuration in the config.yml need to be.

It would assist if the documentation can be a little more clear with examples for both Apache AND Nginx .