Argo seems to decrease Google Pagespeed score

Hi, yesterday I bought and installed Cloudflare APO and this increased the Google Pagespeed score for my homepage ( from (about) 51 to 75.
So that was amazing!

But now I’ve installed Cloudflare ARGO and it’s decreased back to (about) 59.

How can it be that ARGO decreases the Pagespeed scores?
Should I cancel de subscription again?

It could be an overload or something, wait a couple of days or more and retake the test and if it’s really smaller, I recommend removing it

I think you were right. It now haves as score of 73.
But it’s not improving the 75 yet.

One more question about this, maybe I have done something wrong?
Is it true I only had to turn Argo on in Cloudflare? Or do I have to do more than that?

It depends, some panels, for example: WordPress has several plugins, probably some plugin should have an option that uses Cloudflare CDN that can improve the speed of your page much more, I recommend looking if you use this Panel, if not, I don’t think so

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