Argo & our back end

Hey there guys! Just purchased cloud flare premium!

I’m looking to setup the argo tunnel. Our back end to our website is clearly visible to the internet due to a configuration issue with apache2. We’ve now switched to NGINX and the issue has been resolved.

Our hosting provider has given us an ip address as well as gateways and such in order to switch the access point of our website… basically we want to change the ip address of our server so the old one is no longer accessible… or just changed in general… any help with this would be great!

If you would like to use the Argo tunnel, you should effectively block all outside connections to port 443/80, so a network-level firewall blocking those ports should do (they should stay open on the actual machine). Once that is done, the docs can guide you on installing and using tunnel.

If you just want to use Argo, you should only change the existing DNS record to the correct new IP address, and make sure you only accept connections from Cloudflare-owned IPs (again, in a network-level firewall if possible).

As your host gave you a new IP, the old one should be unresponsive. If both IPs work simultaneously, you should ask the host to disable the old one once you’ve confirmed your Cloudflare setup is working correctly.

Hey there! The host said I needed to change something in the netplan.yaml file. They also gave me gateway , ip address and other info. I’m simply just not sure what needs changing within that file to utilize that a additional ip address.

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