Argo on Shopify?

Hi there,

Just wondering whether Argo will work with site built on Shopify?



I wouldn’t see why not. It works with AWS/Azure/RandomHostingProvider. As long as we’re proxying the requests to the origin, should there be a better route Argo detects we’d use that route to the origin for a given domain’s traffic.

I am having the same issue. I get this error message when I include the Shopify CNAME record and try to include the A record.

A CNAME already exists with that host (Code: 81054)

Additionally, on Shopify I get an error when I try to verify domain - saying that am not pointing to the IP address

Probably a different issue. In your case Shopify is likely looking for the value returned to match theirs exactly and I assume currently that record is orange clouded. In that scenario we’re acting as a proxy and obfuscating the true origin IP. That’s how we provide DDOS/CDN/WAF functionality.

For the purposes of verification with a 3rd party system looking for the unobfuscated address change the :orange: to :grey: for the current value and it should validate. Once validated you can change the cloud back to :orange: in the DNS control panel.


Hi. I just started using Argo with my shopify store couple of days ago and so far no issues.