Argo Monitoring & Reporting

We are going to be using argo tunnels for many of our customers who run our app on their premise to access files remotely. Since there is a charge for bandwidth we need a way to get alerts when any argo tunnel uses more bandwidth than we set as a threshold - for example 1 GB in 1 hour. We also need to report on bandwidth by tunnel and see all tunnels in a dashboard. Are bandwidth usage details available in a report or using the API by tunnel/dns hostname?

Both of these are fairly unusual use cases for regular PaaS-type websites using CF (not that it’s not possible). I would highly recommend contacting Enterprise sales ( click contact sales) for pricing for this feature and for this sort of usage as CF’s TOS prohibits reselling or misrepresenting services as your own offering.

not currently available but i have a feature request you can vote for and add input to at Add Argo capped billing thresholds

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Thanks, I’ll contact sales. I also upvoted on the bandwidth limiting feature.

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