Argo Monitoring & Reporting

We are going to be using argo tunnels for many of our customers who run our app on their premise to access files remotely. Since there is a charge for bandwidth we need a way to get alerts when any argo tunnel uses more bandwidth than we set as a threshold - for example 1 GB in 1 hour. We also need to report on bandwidth by tunnel and see all tunnels in a dashboard. Are bandwidth usage details available in a report or using the API by tunnel/dns hostname?

Both of these are fairly unusual use cases for regular PaaS-type websites using CF (not that it’s not possible). I would highly recommend contacting Enterprise sales (Tunnel | Zero Trust App Connector click contact sales) for pricing for this feature and for this sort of usage as CF’s TOS prohibits reselling or misrepresenting services as your own offering.

not currently available but i have a feature request you can vote for and add input to at Add Argo capped billing thresholds

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Thanks, I’ll contact sales. I also upvoted on the bandwidth limiting feature.

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