Argo is grayed out on my dashboard and I’m not sure if it is still active!" to the details)

Argo is grayed out on my dashboard and I’m not sure if it is still active?

I show it as green (on) on your dashboard. Can you attach a screen shot of what you’re seeing? And, I see on Billing → Subscriptions that the Argo subscription is active.

Sure. Please see attached.

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Thank you, I’ve seen that error when enabling argo and a payment issue was encountered or when toggling argo on & off. A side note, toggling Argo on/off via the Traffic app in the dashboard will not cause multiple charges, btw.

I verified with our billing team that there was no issue with the most recent payment. I’ll escalate this post for my colleagues as we need to investigate a bit more. Sorry for the issues.

Hi @drryanshugarman,

Do you have a ticket open about this? If so, please share the ticket number here.

If not, to contact the billing team, please email [email protected] from your account email address. If you receive an automatic response that does not help resolve your issue, reply and indicate that you still require assistance. And, please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

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Thank you for your assistance, and the issue seems to have been resolved. On another note though, I’m periodically encountering 503 errors on the site, particularly when I am running diagnostics on SEO optimization analyzer sites. Are you able to assist with this issue as well?


This tip on error 503 may help, Search results for 'error 503 #CommunityTip ' - Cloudflare Community and found the 503 CommunityTip.

Not a lot to go on in the tip, nets out to HTTP error 503 occurs when your origin web server is overloaded. There are two possible causes discernible by error message.

  1. Error doesn’t contain “cloudflare” or “cloudflare-nginx” in the HTML response body.

Resolution : Contact your hosting provider to verify if they rate limit requests to your origin web server.

  1. Error contains “cloudflare” or “cloudflare-nginx” in the HTML response body.

Resolution : A connectivity issue occured in a Cloudflare data center. Provide Cloudflare support with the following information:

  1. Your domain name
  2. The time and timezone of the 503 error occurrence
  3. The output of from the browser where the 503 error was observed (replace with your actual domain and host name)

If you find it’s option 2 above, share the ticket number here please so that we can track it.

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