Argo invoice, charged 3 times

As written in the title. I was charged 3 times the amount of GB I used in ARGO.

I received an invoice of $160, out of which $125 was for Argo and the rest is my subscription for Cloudflare service.

Price mentioned $0.10 per GB, that’s okay, but when I go to my billable usage in my account, it says I used ~400 GB only, which would be $40 something and I’d gladly pay it. Thankfully my credit card was replaced recently so I wasn’t charged for the amount.

My problem is; even though I do intend to pay what I used, I got charged 3 times the amount I used.

I tried to reach support 2-3 times now, always refreshing my ticket, trying to receive a response, but nothing, so hoping here I can receive some help, see images.