Argo in Page Rules



I’d like to request to have Argo as a Page Rule option, because I don’t need all my traffic to be optimized and I’ll pay a lot to have it in all my pages.


We have been hopeful that something like this could be implemented, at least on a subdomain basis.

Pinging @dani, hopefully the more voices they hear the higher in the list it gets.


We’re actively talking about it internally. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to give 10 likes to a post? :star_struck:


Hi @dani !
Any progress in this topic? :slight_smile:


Hi @alexandre.atoji, @dani left Cloudflare (sadly :disappointed:), asking @ryan


I’m doing some checking to see if there’s been any movement on this.


Any news on this @ryan? I would love to activate it on my domain, but I do almost a TB on a specific subdomain, which would hardly benefit from it and it would be way too expensive.


Thanks for following up. I checked with the PM handling Argo now and he confirmed that it’s still under consideration but it’s not on the roadmap yet.


Sad though :pensive:


Just wanted to post and say that I’d also like Argo as an option in page rules.

I think you’d see more people using Argo if they had more control over where it’s enabled.


I completely agree with you!


It’s still something we are looking at doing, but no decisions have been made. Sorry I don’t have something more concrete.


definitely an added value feature for CF customers !!!
+1 !!!