Argo disable itself

I saw that Argo is now free.
Problem: when I enable Argo, I have the green icon that it’s enabled.
After a refresh of the page, I see the grey X icon that’s it’s disabled.
Enabling one more time Argo do not help, after a refresh it’s one more time disabled …

any idea ?

Open F12 Developers Tools in your browser and open Network tab.

After that, click the enable Argo button in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Go back to the Network tab, and show us what you see.

Everything seems to be ok.
I have a 200 on each request.
attached a print screen of the network tab.

Can you click the tiered_caching item, then click the Preview tab and see what they responded to you?

It should be something like this:

That’s what I have

This should implies that Argo Tiered Caching is now on.

Perhaps you can leave the F12 Developer Tools window open, and then do a page refresh to see if the button is still showing “off”. If that’s the case, try to inspect the network traffic and see which one fails - the dashboard might not able to retrieve the current state of Argo Tiered Caching thus the dashboard will not reflect the true status.

no one fails.

I have a 200 on each request on the dashboard page…
it’s not a network issue.

That would be interesting.

Can you send an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com regarding this issue, and then post the ticket number here?



I don’t suppose you’ve tried a different browser, device, or incognito mode?

Speaking of Dev Tools, I watched my Network connections. When I loaded that Caching settings page, it ended with “Event”. Then toggled and saw two tiered_caching requests. Toggled back to enabled and saw two more tiered-caching requests.

Are you seeing those?

Something very very strange happened

I opened the page from another PC, but also from Chrome.

The icon was green (enable)

I made a ctrl + F5 (refresh page with no cache) and the icon got disable (grey)

I enabled it, and after a refresh it as another time disabled.

I open an incognito page (chrome) and when arrived on the argo page, it was enabled ….

Getting crazy……


Can you confirm in my account if is also enabled on the backend ? ( domain)




Just wanted to mention that I see the same issue in Firefox, but not Chrome.