Argo delivering from server from afar

ARGO - My site is from Brazil and in the performance analysis, most of argo’s work is in Singapore, 58k requests against 2k from Brazil. If argo delivers from the nearest server, why is it delivering from singapore?

Are you talking about the Response Time Improvement by Geography? If so, that’s just saying where it improved response time the best. I think would make sense, Argo is able to pick a better path from Singapore → Brazil, but Brazil → Brazil is much closer/as good as it is going to get.

Argo picks more optimal paths and serves your content from more PoPs, it wouldn’t route people to Singapore or anything like that.

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My visitors are mostly from Brazil, so shouldn’t argo serve the site to my visitors from their server in Brazil? That’s what I’m saying.

I have 36k requests from Brazil and 113k from Singapore

Have you reviewed your Analytics & Logs | Traffic?

Yes, I had a week that only gave singapore. But looking at it more calmly, I have more access from the United States. But my site is from Brazil and 99% of the traffic is from Brazil.

My question is: shouldn’t ARGO serve my site from the server in Brazil, since it’s the closest route for visitors?

There are 3 Cloudflare servers in Brazil.

Cloudflare provides connections closest to the visitors. And Argo smart routes those same visitors.

This site of mine has not particular preference for Turkey and yet… that is where the traffic comes from.

Is it valid / real traffic? No idea. But that’s where it originates from. If I had argo enabled on this domain, odds are it would be smart routed. Brazilian users are highly unlikely to be routed to APJ. Is it impossible? No, but they would show up in the correct source.

If your source and origin are in Brazil, odds are Argo won’t help. In region performance improvements from Argo are unlikely due to how Argo works. That’s not specific to Brazil or another country per se.