Argo Datacenter Availability


Pro, Business or Enterprise domains get availability in more datacenters closer to the client.

Does Free with Argo get the same availability as Pro or just the availability of Free?


Where’d you read that? I thought Argo was the same for all users.


There a reference to that here:

I just wanted to know if Argo does change availability.


I believe Argo works the same for everyone.


The Cloudflare POPs available for a given plan type don’t change with the enablement of Argo. So in Australia for example, I believe it is still the case that those POPs are available on the Business plan and above.


I had no idea this was a thing.


Well in an ideal world all PoPs (outside China) would be available on most/all plans and over time; I believe that’s our goal. But bandwidth costs in certain regions don’t always allow for that.

Lots of work being done to improve coverage, peering and options for our customers. And I could be wrong on the current status of AU (odds are it isn’t quite as black and white as I stated) but it’s such an evolving thing as our network grows and new PoPs come online.


Well and now I went and asked (because like I said… fluid). At this point all POPs are apparently available on all plans (except China)… It’s a question of peering decisions by the telcos. So uh… @levi.durfee was more righter than me. :smiley:

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Thanks for checking!


You mean for Argo, or for general access as well?


Reading from the previous post I’d guess it’s for everyone, Argo doesn’t seem to change POP availability…