Argo charged on wrong domain, billing refused to refund or check on this, what to do?

  1. I enabled Argo for domain on March 1, 2018. My Paypal is charged $0.25 at that time.

On March 3, 2018, I got another billing and billed 1465.00 GB $146.40.for argo usage - so that is the cost to use Argo for 3 days on domain, correct?

  1. The previous month stat for the site, by CF:

Around 5 GB as you can see.

The billing support said “Argo bandwidth reported in your invoice may not agree with the bandwidth reported on your Cloudflare Analytics dashboard. This is because Argo takes into account both the request through our network as well as the response through our network. Dashboard Analytics only take into account the response bandwidth.” but the different between 5GB - 1465 GB is normal?

Moreover, 5GB is whole month while 1465 GB is just for 3 days Argo, I want to know where those data come from? How to get refund?



Argo is monthly billing service but I was billed after 3 days, with unusual high bandwidth.

Can any Cloudflare explain what is going on here please?


It appears you have an open support ticket and are in active conversations with someone on our technical/ billing team. I don’t think anyone in the community is going to be able to provide you with more detail or context.


The support staff trying to avoid the issue, don’t give answer to my questions. May I have contact to admin shift or someone with higher permission on Cloudflare?



Furthermore, from CloudFlare audit log:

It show that Cloudflare active the service without my permission and then charge me for it.


First, please remember that I am not Cloudflare staff. I am jus trying my best to explain what it looks like to me.

Possible problem 1:
On Mar 11, 20:50 UTC, Cloudflare identified a problem with their billing service. We don’t know what exactly this means. It could be a problem with a specific product, wrong amount being billed, or billing could be down altogether. We will have to wait for a proper explanation about what they mean.

There is also an issue with monitoring on Mar 11, 23:01 UTC, but I have no idea what that means or if it impacts anyone other than Cloudflare staff.

The fine print on the second step of Argo enrollment is:

By clicking “Enable” you agree that you are purchasing a continuous month-to-month subscription which will automatically renew, and that the price of your selected subscription plan level and/or add on(s) will be billed to your designated payment method monthly as a recurring charge, unless you cancel your subscription(s), through your account dashboard, before the beginning of your next monthly billing period. You will be billed for the full monthly period in which you cancel and no refunds will be given. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to a minimum one month purchase obligation. For more information on renewal terms and cancellation please see our Terms of Use at

It seems you are to pay for one month.
However, I see what you mean by all domains being activated. That should not have happened… at least, it’s not stated anywhere that all domains must use Argo. Each domain has a switch - it is not obvious that it is a master switch or will turn Argo on for all sites.


Just look at the audit log it indicated that something faulty at Cloudflare’ end. The funny part that is the support staff sent me the log, but never admit their issue, don’t say a word about refund and then decided that the issue is solved by closing the support ticket on their own!


I’m going to follow up with the billing agent and see what I can find. However, we won’t be able to discuss details here. Look for more information on your existing ticket.

Also, it’s my understanding that those entries on the audit log represent Cloudflare staff checking your argo status for each zone. It does not represent an action being taken by Cloudflare staff to turn a feature on/off. Hopefully we can make that clearer in the future.

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