Argo Billing Usage Notification "Notify when total bytes of traffic exceeds"


When I am setting up the Billing Usage Notification for Argo it states, “Notify when total bytes of traffic exceeds”.

Is the “byte” a kilobyte? I have put 10000000 just in case it is a kilobyte.

I put 10 in there before and it notified me the day of the next billing cycle saying we have exceeded 0.00GB. I then put 1000 and the same thing happened.

In the Cloudflare docs, it shows a different text, “Notify when total gigabytes of traffic exceeds”.

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That’s a good question, and I can’t find any information in the API or Terraform or…anywhere else.

I’d be tempted to put in a really low limit, then see when it triggers. I just set mine to 1 to see what would happen.

We usually always go above EDIT: Actually it’s 100GB per month and I have put 10 in there and it still states we exceeded 0.00GB for the next billing cycle.

I believe I have put in 1 when first setting it up several months ago and we got an alert immediately for exceeding 0.00GB.

So I just have been going up ever since. I just put in 10000000 in case it is kb to GB.

I am curious to see what notification you get.

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I just got a notification for my “1” setting of 0.00GB. I’ve bumped it up to 1000. Granted, that would be 0.001GB, so we’ll see. I’m not entirely sure how often it looks at usage.

Yeah, me either. I got that first alert then changed it and didn’t get a notification until the next billing cycle started.

I think the description, “Notify when […]” needs to be a lot more descriptive than just “byte”. It at least needs to match up with the docs they provide on it.

Looking at my Billable Usage, Argo Traffic is 779MB for the month. We’ll see what happens when that hits 1000MB.

Why is our billable usage so high? Does it have something to do with WordPress?

I can confirm it’s bytes and it seems to check daily as I get ~10-12GB/day Argo bandwidth and set my notification to test this at 56.69GB to trigger at end of day - well it’s 35mins until day ends at midnight for me and I get this email

Dear valued customer,

The criteria for a billable usage threshold notification has been met for this month:

Service: Argo Smart Routing
Threshold: 56.69 GB of Transfer

I usually have my Argo billing alert set to around 387 billion bytes or ~360GB/month.

See Billing for Argo – Cloudflare Help Center

Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred (both upload and download bandwidth) between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo.

Enabling Argo in the Cloudflare dashboard initiates a USD $5.00 monthly charge. After transferring the first gigabyte of traffic between Cloudflare and your visitors, you are charged an additional USD $0.10 per gigabyte.


Thank you for that. How did you get it to trigger at the end of the day?

I put in 15.00 but not sure how to get it to notify me per day unless that’s just what it does?

It’s checked daily regardless of limit set, and only notification is sent when that daily check passes the threshold set. My current billing had Argo at 56.24GB for the month, so setting 56.69GB threshold would guarantee for a test at least that I will be notified in next 24hrs as I consume 10-12GB/day in Argo bandwidth.

I made a suggestion for capped Argo bandwidth feature at Add Argo capped billing thresholds but without it, I think most folks won’t use Argo unless they can afford it. So right now set the threshold to a limit you are prepared to pay for, so when you get notified, you then manually turn off Argo. Note if you turn Argo on/off more than once in a monthly billing period, you will be charged the base $5/month subscription fee each time it’s turned on too.

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Thank you for that! We usually go above 100GB per month and it is within our budget. In my opinion, it is definitely worth it.

Makes sense on the notifications. Thank you again for the help and clarifications!

Yes Argo with Smart Tiered Caching improves server response time part at least by 61.8% on average for the total smart routed requests (70% of requests) and CF datacenters which are in that Smart Tiered average between 37-66% improvements with average for datacenters at 57.4% improvement.

My CF Argo Analytics from my custom CF Analaytics API script. Average server response time without Argo = 435ms vs with Argo = 166ms.

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