Argo Billing per domain

In the past my argo usage was showed per domain on the invoices. Now it shows it only grouped together on the most recent invoice. Where can I see argo usage per domain per month etc so I can bill my clients accordingly? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @russ15 it sounds like the Cloudflare Agency Partner Program might be a great fit for your needs. You can check that out on the Cloudflare website here. As an Agency Partner, you would have access to centralized billing and you would be able to look at each child account, or pull usage via Tenant API for the account or zone. Please feel free to send any questions to agency (AT) as well.

Yes I got the invite to the agency program and applied on March 27th. I havent heard back yet though. I am guessing since its in Beta it could take a while to get approved and onboarded? What can I do in the mean time to see this usage until my application has been processed? Its been about 2 weeks currently since I applied after getting invited. I created a new account for it as recommended as well so the invitation and the application are under different accounts as the application said this would be best. cloudflare @ is the email I applied with. I appreciate your assistance.

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Thank you for the details @russ15. We’re currently processing the next round and will escalate your application internally for review. You should hear back by EOD today. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your quick assisstance :slight_smile:

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