Argo bandwidth usage is bigger than the total data served in dashboard

Hello there,

I activated argo yesterday and I was surprised by the total amount of data that was billed.

Our domain has 5GB of data transferred per day and I can see that the total amount of data transferred in the cloudflare dashboard was 5GB on the February 11th.

However I was surprised to see that the argo traffic for the same day was 16GB. Is there any reason to this difference ?

see Billing for Argo – Cloudflare Help Center

Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred (both upload and download bandwidth) between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo.

CF normal site bandwidth is only bandwidth out (download). But Argo charges for both upload (in) and download (out) bandwidth.

Hi Eva,

Thank you very much for your fast answer, 11go in upload seems huge but I will have a look at it to see if it could be the issue.
Do you know if something else could increase the argo traffic or if there is any way to get a better level of detail of this traffic ?

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