Argo API Access

Can I activate argo on a zone via the API?
I could not find it in the documentation.

Please make it available in the API.
I am also planning to apply as Cloudflare API Partners soon, is there seperate API for partners or they use the same API?

Separate: Overview · Cloudflare Tenant docs

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It’s something we’re looking at, but I don’t have any details

You can find that info here: Overview · Cloudflare Tenant docs

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Thanks @ryan,
We are currently building a product which is a kind of hosting service which will use Cloudflare DNS Resolution and Performance.

Currently, I have about 40-50 clients whose use my hosting and their zones are added into my account. Do you think I should apply for Cloudflare Partners so I can deeply study and Integrate the Cloudflare services into my product?

I’ve passed along your info to someone on our Partners team and they should be in touch soon. They are best equipped to answer the partner related questions.