Argo and Workers


Just wanted to ask a question that’s bothering me. We’ve recently seen a spike in argo traffic usage and I am wondering if that may be caused by workers.

Does usage of Workers Fetch API while having Argo enabled incur argo charges for data transmitted?

Hoping this can be clarified/confirmed by staff, but I would assume that

  • all Workers run on the edge before Argo
  • a worker calling fetch() on your own website takes an argo path
  • a worker calling fetch() on a different website routes it normally without Argo

Thats what I would assume too :blush:, but my case unfortunately suggests otherwise, that calling fetch on anything takes argo path.

This would be expected. We’ve just experienced the same thing using workers to respond to preflight requests at the edge. Our argo bandwidth exploded about 8x what it is without workers. This makes absolutely zero sense. In both cases, payload requests will transit argo. I have no clue how this results in increased bandwidth.

I find it really bizarre that we can’t get an answer to what should be a simple question. We have asked in Discord and have subscribed to a paid support plan just to get an answer to this.

When Argo is enabled, a worker that simply forwards requests to origin and does nothing else results in a large increase of bandwidth, despite the fact that the same number of bytes should (in theory) be transiting Argo. Nobody from CF has been able to explain this yet.