Argo and APO

I already have Argo subscription active on my WordPress site. Do I need APO apart from Argo? Do I need to pay another $5 for APO? should I use Argo with APO as both look same??

What’s difference between these two for a WordPress site?

Argo is just a higher-speed transport for data coming from your server. APO is smarter edge caching for dynamic content. APO is a fixed cost, whereas Argo is usage-based billing.

They work well together, as anything that’s not yet cached at the edge will traverse the Internet quicker to the edge node, and then get cached. So it depends on your traffic if you want to use Argo. If I were to prioritize, I’d go with APO. Cached content doesn’t use Argo.

If it’s WooCommerce, I’d recommend the opposite: Argo first for a faster shopping experience over long distances, and APO for users just browsing.


Part of the Argo offering is Tiered Caching:

Content served from adjacent data centers reduces cache-miss rates, server load, and end-to-end latency

So APO cache hit ratio will be improved if Argo is enabled, I recommend using both. APO should decrease Argo bill as well as we have logic to not call origin if APO and WordPress plugin are activated.