Are you taking away Cloudflare Access? Account force cancelled with 3 hours notice

With 3 hours until October 24th, I just received an email from Cloudflare saying “Sorry you decided to cancel your plan”. It will terminate on October 24th.

I didn’t cancel my plan. We are using the free tier, and I’ve been testing with the Gateway and for a few weeks getting excited about its potential use.

I went in to try renewing the subscription. Instead, it gave me an email response saying “We couldn’t complete your request”.

Why exactly is this happening? Is the free tier being taking away and if not, what can I do to get support when I’m on the ‘free’ tier?

Cancellation notice:

Email response when I went into the dashboard and renewed with billing information to make sure that wasn’t the problem(even though I’m on the free tier):

Really not feeling like a valued customer, but thanks for the perky email?

And the Cloudflare Access admin page is showing that I’m still going to renew?

“Not feeling like a valued customer”… while consuming a free plan. There is some irony in that.

But yes, I had to “renew” at $0/month, too, for my free tier account.

Just to keep an eye on my own situation, I see this:

I expect it will silently renew on the 6th.

Youre completely missing the point, but A+ robertcope. Very helpful.

We pay for other services, and the Access free plan is there to audit the service presumably before onboarding users on mass.

Not the first time I’ve missed the point, believe me :slight_smile:

But really, I was just attempting humor. Probably not the best medium for it. I do the same thing, use the free or cheaper tiers to test new features before introducing them to the “real” accounts. It’s just much more flexible for me to do things on my own and not have to worry about corporate policies and politics and whatnot.

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She avoids out right saying it, but they seem to be heading towards removing the free tier for everyone.

Pretty crappy way to let your customers know Cloudflare! A little transparency and notice can go a long ways.

Apologies for any confusion caused by the cancellation email. We are not sure what caused this email to be generated for your account, but are still looking into it. We have identified the issue which cause this email to inaccurately include information about Cloudflare Registrar and should have a fix up shortly.

To answer your initial concern, we are still supporting a Free tier of Cloudflare for Teams which can be found at If issues persist in adding this plan to your account please follow-up and I’ll make sure to get this sorted out for you.


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