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Cloudflare London Serverless Meetup
Cloudflare at County Hall
Belvedere Rd, Lambeth

Join us for two serverless talks in at Cloudflare’s London office.
Thursday, May 9, 2019 @ 6:00 PM

Talk 1: Scaling Password Security with Serverless - The Caching Secrets of Pwned Passwords

Pwned Passwords leads the way in allowing developers to prevent users from reusing previously breached passwords, moving password security practices away from complex password composition rules that did little to help security.

Using a database of over 550 million breached passwords, Pwned Passwords serves over 10 million API requests a day. This API allows users to anonymously validate if their password has been leaked, this has been baked into websites, password managers and browser extensions alike.

Over 98.4% of requests to the Pwned Passwords API are cached by Cloudflare’s CDN. Such a high cache hit ratio is made possible using Cloudflare Workers and Argo.

Speaker bio: Junade Ali was the creator of the k-Anonymity model used by the Pwned Passwords API and drove the performance improvements on the service, during this talk he’ll describe the non-obvious tricks that were vital in optimising the performance and caching of the service.

Talk 2: WebAssembly on the Edge

We hear of WASM as a tool for unlocking new languages and performance inside web browsers. It turns out that the tremendous work and investment in the WASM platform has a surprising benefit: the ability to run server-side code in a more lightweight, secure, and collaborative way on servers too! We will talk about how we’re seeing people run WASM to replace traditional virtual machines, containers, and processes, and what it unlocks for them.

Speaker Bio: Sevki Hasirci is a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, working on developer tools. His day to day responsibilities focus on making developers more productive.


18:00 - Doors open, drinks & snacks, networking
18:30 - Talk 1: Scaling Password Security with Serverless - The Caching Secrets of Pwned Passwords, Q&A
19:15 - Talk 2: WebAssembly on the Edge, Q&A
19:45 - Dinner, networking
20:15 - Event conclusion

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