Are we using Page Rules based caching correctly?

Hi there,

We have recently started using Cloudflare. We have a HTTP/JSON API on which we use Cloudflare as a Proxy, i.e. traffic is routed through CF.

We have setup page rules to certain API endpoints to be able to cache them. The rules we are using are:

Cache Level -> Everything
Edge Cache TTL -> 4 Hours

An example of the matching pattern we are using is:*

But we are unable to verify if caching is working. We are seeing some URL hits on our servers for these URLs. Also when we test these URLs, we are not getting the CF-Cache-Status response header.

I am not sure if we have set it up correctly or we just have to wait for some more time. It’s been over 30mins now.

Please let me know if I missed something in setting up the page rules.

Thanks and Regards

Can you post a screenshot of all of your Page Rules? Go ahead and black out the “example” part of your domain.

you need to see what headers are coming back, look for CF-Cache-Status which can be hit,miss etc…

about you seeing requests hitting your origin, I am pretty sure Cloudflare cache are per pop, so even if the cache is working you can expect that

  1. each first time pop request will hit your origin
  2. Cloudflare not guarantee to keep it in their cache for this time(they can purge it for whatever reason before the ttl)


The page rules are working now. It took a few hours for them to take affect though.

Thanks for replies!

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