Are we allowed to use json responses for REST for Free accounts

hi Community,
Recently got across a thread where there was some confustion and Clouflare restricted access to a users site for using json responses. i have a couple of questions

  1. Does Cloudflare T&C (seems little cryptic to me) allow to use json responses if someone can explain in plain english. Since many sites are using react or app base client side now a days, backend is ideally rest services.
  2. Are there any limitations in terms of usage for free account. a small site want to explore more. Although Cloudflare explained in blog in the isntance that it doesnt differentiate, but being on free account, is there something we need to be aware of.
  3. What strategy is recommended for account management. if you ghave couple of sites, is it recommended tohave one account per site, or they can be added in one account. This is in case for some reason Cloudflare would intend to suspend any particular site, what would be the blast radius.



Just the standard Workers limits, nothing special.

I’d recommend not getting suspended haha but yes, I’d recommend all sites in one account. Makes it much easier to manage. Getting suspended is not easy, no one with a legitimate use should be suspended.

Thanks for the update.

  1. i am not using workers, but using Cloudflare to reverse proxy to my self hosted rest api.
  2. I know gettting suspended is not easy :joy: if you are using fair and square, but the recent incident raised some alarm. i have read the response from cloudlfare as well, but its better to plan for future.

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