Are We Able to Add DNS Records Manually

Hello, I saw an article where I think the OP was asking the same thing, but it’s worded so differently that I’m not sure. We have a new client and we’ve noticed that they have over 400 to 500 DNS records. We don’t want all of those coming over. At all.

Can we now or could we ever add the records manually or is the system going to scan the current domain and import them? I don’t want to be deleting 400 plus records man. That’ll suck.

When you get to the import page, don’t progress further, just click another option in the sidebar menu to go somewhere else. The import will then not happen.

You can then…

  1. If the existing DNS provider allows, export the DNS records to a file, edit how you want, then import that fie into your Cloudflare DNS…
    Import and export records · Cloudflare DNS docs

  2. Enter DNS records by hand into the Cloudflare DNS in the dashboard…
    Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

  3. Use the Cloudflare API (or tools like Terraform) to automate adding records.

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Hey @sjr

  1. The domains’ DNS is inside cPanel area and does not have an import export feature unfortunately. I was just going to copy the ones I only need.

  2. Can I import them into CF?

  3. No don’t want to do that. There’s only 8 records out of the 192 that I need. The rest are all like cPanel and staging records. Useless.

Thanks so much man and thanks for getting on this so quick.! Totally appreciate it. Hope that works.

If you’ve only got 8, then you can enter them manually faster into the dashboard. But if you want to import then you can do. Create a file, covert to BIND format and import through the dashboard - details in the links I gave above.

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Rock on. Thank you!

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I forgot to ask, can I setup all the DNS now so all I have to do is change the NS after? Is that possible or no?

Yes, that’s the recommended approach to avoid downtime when changing over nameservers.

Guide here…

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Awesome. Let me see if I have any issues with that. Thanks

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