Are those who try to access my WP Admin all Spam?

Hi, everyone. Is AS8075 a spam? It uses Chrome 88 and tries to access my WordPress admin, or it is a real bing bot?

What’s about this one? My site is hosted in DigitalOcean’s Indian Data Center. Is it normal that DIgital Ocean tries to access my WordPress Admin?


Hi @newbie110

It is a bing bot crawler probably , have you tried it in bing seo
More info here AS8075 Microsoft Corporation details -

Yes it’s a digital ocean ASN more info here AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC details -

Please note Cloudflare shows the Correct ASN Name

Edit - Lot of people have the same issue , Set-up the Cloudflare Firewall Rule

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Thanks. Why is it normal that Bing Bots and Digital Ocean try to access my WP Admin?
As you can see in the last screenshot in #1, I have a firewall rule that blocks Digital Ocean from doing so. Should I adjust the rule?

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You haven’t attached the rule Screenshot . I doubt you haven’t properly configured it ,

Here’s the Steps for adding

Add an IP Access Rule

To create an IP Access Rule , follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Select your domain.
  3. Click the Firewall app.
  4. Click on the Tools tab.
  5. Under IP Access Rules , enter the following details:
  6. Enter the Value as an IP, IP range, or two-letter country code.
  7. Select an Action .
  8. Select whether the rule applies to This website or All websites in the account .
  9. (Optional) add a Note (i.e. Payment Gateway ).
  10. Click Add .

Full Document available :point_down:

If you Block Bing Bot if you want to Index you page in Bing , It will not be able to crawl

Edit - Use this if you care about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Thanks. I didn’t block Digital Ocean in IP Access Rule. I blocked it in this rule. I enabled Known Bots off after I saw your first response.) Is it still normal to see that Digital Ocean try to access my site?

Edit - Lot of people have the same issue , Set-up the Cloudflare Firewall Rule

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Instead of Firewall can you add Ip Access Rule ? to block Digital Ocean & It’s the best and easy solution instead of firewall rule

Both Rules work
Here’s the Ip Access Rue you need to add

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Tbh i think they might just be bad actors… I’m seeing kind off the same patterns on all my non-wordpress projects. Search Bots wouldn’t crawl content that doesn’t exist, right?

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It isn’t. It’s kind of easy to get confused when dealing with the Known Bots exclusion in Firewall Rules.

Known or malicious, a bot has no business probing your website backend, or crawling your login page.

You should definitely use the Known Bots exclusion to avoid blocking/challenging search engine crawlers when the rules is based on general, wide criteria, such as country or ASN. Since their crawlers come from the cloud, you never know witch countries/ASNs/IPs the will use to crawl you pages. .

But in my view you should not exclude Known Bots from rules applying to bad behavior, such as crawling /wp-admin/, /wp-login.php, and any other sensitive areas or your site. These are not pages meant to be indexed anyway.

As for the Bing user agent showing up in Firewall Events log: for rules where you do have the Known Bots exclusion enabled, you’ll see occasional log entries with Bing or Google user agents. These may be requests from bots pretending to be the real search engines.

With IP Access Rules, you cannot set exclusions like Known Bots, paths etc. You should always prefer to incorporate these wide restrictions into your Firewall Rules. A hosting provider ASN may be home to many good bots (think of online services you depend on, such as some page speed testers, header checkers, etc), even some VPNs, as well as malicious bots. For that reason I’d prefer the Managed Challenge instead of Block, and add exclusions to Known Bots, and some paths (robots.txt, ads.txt etc.)


@cbrandt Thanks for adding some details to my brain :brain:


Thanks, everyone.
How can I exclude robots.txt and ads.txt? Anyone shows me a screenshot, please.

The IP in the firewall logs is your own IP address. The User-Agent also contains your hostname. You host your Wordpress in Digital Ocean.

So yes, it is normal that your own server would generate this traffic.

That is a general configuration question. See or IAB Tech Lab for information on how to edit those configurations.

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I believe the OP was asking about my suggestion to add exclusions to paths for /robots.txt and /ads.txt etc to a Firewall Rule.

This is a rule I have to Managed Challenge requests from various ASNs, except Known Bots and a few paths. You’ll need to adapt these paths to the needs of your own installation.

The first two paths are home page and the main page of the site. I want them to be cached and edge-cached as often as possible, so I let bots visit them. Robots.txt should be open to all bots. Most bots we think of as malicious are just crawlers for various web services, and will respect robots.txt directives (check the link @michael posted for instructions on how to set yours). Ads.txt and app-ads.txt should optionally be allowed so that malicious ad vendors don’t use your domain to sell ads without your consent. I also allow favicon.ico just to avoid clutter in my Firewall logs.

This rule is of course combined with other rules that are more strict about bad behavior (blocking remote access to PHP files, for instance)


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