Are there more examples of using rust-wasm directly?

I’ve seen this. It’s not very efficient with the js wrapper etc

any advance tutorials using purely rust to process everything instead?

possible to make more advance tutorials with access to KV store too?

It’s not a tutorial, and it was created before wrangler, so some of the details of how it’s built are a little old, but is a full rust/wasm/kv website.

this goat website is very slow.
i wonder it is worth the js->rustwasm call compared with writing in js directly.
such speed limits what is suitable for the workers-kv development.
I’m trying to figure out what should be put into kv and what not and what should be rustwasm and what not etc using cloudflare workers.

however, there is a todo online i’ve tried and a simple blog using cloudflare workers which i’m rather impressed. i think it’s so I’m wondering how to properly use cloudflare workers.

goat website, because of the speed is rather disappointing.

I’d say, don’t use KV if you’re going to read more than 1 key in cold-start.

Hot keys are fast, but there’s no guarantees it will be hot, you can of course load several keys in parallel inside the worker, this would dramatically speed up retrieval of keys but you’re limited to 6 parallel requests at the same time in a worker.

If you want speed, just use FaunaDB instead.

I tend to attribute the slowness more to the fact that Cloudflare Workers has very high TTFB for low-traffic workers that utilize WASM. (This effect is supposed to disappear when the Worker has more traffic.)

Is the speed improvement significant with more traffic? using wasm that is.

my question translates to : is it worth the wasm creation effort for high traffic sites?

For those interested in writing Rust-based Workers, we’ve recently announced:

Read more about it on the blog: