Are there issues with Automatic Platform Optimization and WordPress Membership Systems

Hi there. I’m looking at implementing Automatic Platform Optimization with my WordPress site. On the site, we have a membership system where users can register and then log on to book for online events. Are there any issues I should be aware of? Anything I need to consider before I flip the switch? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, APO works by looking at commonly used WordPress cookies to bypass the cache for logged in users. I suggest you do a search here for others using the same membership system and see if they mention APO.

Reason being that if your system uses a cookie not on APO’s list, APO will cache pages you don’t want cached.

Thanks @sdayman. We’re using the Ultimate Member plugin for the membership system. The only post I could find related to this is a member had issues when their homepage required the user to be signed-in, but I couldn’t see any other issues. So might be worth a shot.

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